The Senones (Ancient Greek: Σήνωνες) were an ancient Celtic culture


A statue of Brennus, the legendary Senone Leader

The Senones were originally from central France, but later migrated across the Alps to Northern Italy. There, the defeated the Umbrians, on the Adriatic coast, and settled into the area, mostly peacefully trading with the locals. Eventually, needing more land, the sent a force to besiege the Etruscan City of Clusium. This lead to Rome sending diplomats, who unfortunately killed a powerful Senone chief. This violation of the “Law of Nations” resulted in the Senones sacking the Roman cities of Rome and Veii, and eventually leading to the collapse of the Roman Empire.

After the defeat of the Romans, the Senones assisted the Etruscans in taking over Umbria, and after this returned to their homeland. There, they began the process of centralization, which would eventually lead to the Senone Republic, and later, for a brief time, the Senone Empire. Despite their tribal beginnings, the Senones made a major contribution to history and the world, both by defeating the Romans and the creation of their own nation, which would be influential across the middle ages.

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