The Second World War was a war that lasted from September 1st, 1939, to March 1943. It was the last war between humans until The Undead War, and the last war between humans for decades overall. Following Germany's strong-arm tactics earlier and their subsequent invasion of Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany.

The Initial Blitzkriegs

Germany attacked Poland after their demands for Danzig were denied. SS troops, dressed in Polish uniforms, attacked a German radio station on the border. Germany used this fake incident to advance across the border and invade. The Polish air force was mostly destroyed while still on the ground, and their army was quickly defeated by the German mechanized assault. In mid-September, the Soviet Union invaded Eastern Poland, marking their defeat as certain. Poland surrendered in October. For the next few months very little happened. It was the period of the "Phoney War". Then, in April 1940, Germany invaded Denmark and Norway, followed by the Low Countries in May, and then France in June. Only Britain was left standing by the time France had surrendered, although the Free French forces assisted the British in Africa. Germany had largely won in Europe, although they now had to fight with the Italians in the North African desert.

The War in North Africa

On the 10th of June, 1940, Italy allied itself with Germany and declared war on the United Kingdom. The British troops in Egypt, which bordered Libya, were ordered to defend themselves, but not to provoke the Italians. The next day, however, raids against Italian positions began. When France surrendered on the 25th, Italian troops facing French troops in Tunisia were redeployed to reinforce the Italian 10th Army. After this, British general Archibald Wavell ordered that raiding end and placed the defence of the Egyptian border to a small screening force.

Benito Mussolini commanded that the Italian 10th Army should attack Egypt by the 8th of August. When they did not attack two days later, he instead ordered that the invasion happen at the same time as Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of mainland Britain. When no invasion of mainland Britain began, eventually they attacked Egypt on the 8th of September.

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