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The Second Great American War

The Second Great American War describes two separate conflicts in North America starting in 1975. The first conflict was the attack on the CSA by members of the Great North American Alliance as well as nations from Central and South America. This attack was due to imprisioned citizens being held in the CSA and as a reaction to the CSA's growing isolationist and aggressive tendancies. The second conflict was between members of the Great North American Alliance and the terrorist organization known as the 'Red Hand'. The Red Had was a Neo-Nazi group who had already attacked several nations.


GNAA and Allies Confederate States of America

American Union

Central American Empire

Major Battles

B m

Battle for Charlotte


Battle for Montgomery

April, 1975- Battle for Charlotte- American Union and Ohio regulars vs the CSA. Result was a CSA defeat. Due to the losses they took many Confederate troops began to surrender realising defeat was inevitable

April, 1975- Battle for Montgomery- Ohio with troops from Central America and Brazil. After 3 months of fighting, the Ohio Republican Army took the town. Seeing the last bastion in Alabama fall many CSA soldiers simply quit fighting. Ohio also found some interesting papers in an old ruin that could shed some light on to what happened befor the Blackout

The Red Hand Wars

The Red Hand was a Neo-Nazi group that arose as a nation in Canada. Ohio began attacks pre-emptivly through Operation Caldwell.

Meanwhile in the American Union, the Federal Bereau of Invstigation was reastablished to deal with the internal threat of the Red Hand while Union troops already campaigning in Canada stepped up the pace of their advance.

Operation Caldwell- Battle for Ontario

Operation Caldwell was an Ohio led operation between Ohio and the AU to seize the Ontario region from the Red Hand. The operation composed of a heavy blitz from the air provided by Ohio, and a combined assault on the ground. The result was a Red Hand defeat. The city of Toronto was also a target and fell after short but intense fighting and is now jointly policed by AU and Ohio.



The war ended with a GNAA victory. Shortly after the end of the war the GNAA meged with other alliances to form the American Continental Organization.

After the War

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