On the 11th of October 1529 Suleiman the Magnificent failed to take Vienna by storm in a last ditch attempt to take the city, he would soon withdraw with the onset of disease and the Winter.

Never again would the Ottomans come this close to conquering Europe

But what would have happened if Suleiman's assault was a success?

Suleiman defeats Christianity

Vienna Falls

In the Spring of 1529 Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire weary of the threat posed by the Holy Roman Empire and Charles V raised an army of 200,000 to subdue the Christian Kingdoms north of newly conquered Hungary. Spring rains bogged down the Ottoman Army, disease spread among the ranks of the Jassinaires and weakened the offensive. There was little human resistance to the march through Hungary and Southern Austria. Suleiman was also forced to abandoned his heavy artillery

On September 27th the Ottomans laid siege to Vienna.

The Italian Campaign

Alliance with Morocco and the fall of Spain

The Second Battle of Tours

Fall of France

The Rhineland War

The Creation of the Kingdom of God's Remnant

The Invasion of Angle-Land

The Scots and Welsh win independence

Suleiman's Europe

Exploration of the Far-West and the renewal of the Aztec Empire

Selim II

The Munghal War and Angle Independence

The Industrial Revolution 

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