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The End of World War I

The Great British Offensive, 1917

After Russia surrendered in early 1917, the Western Allies decided that they needed to win the war soon. The British launched a huge offensive in Flanders that gained a lot of ground, but failed to be the decisive blow. In early 1918, France surrendered, and Lloyd George asked for peace. In protest, the King resigned.

The Treaty of Trieste

In late 1918, Central powers and Allied representatives came to Trieste to discuss peace terms. The terms imposed on France were amazingly harsh. The terms on Britain were much lighter, but were still seen as harsh by the British population. The main terms were:

Ireland would become an independent state.

Britain lost South Africa, Rhodesia, Egypt, Sudan and parts of Oceania to the Central Powers.

A new federation was set up after the abdication of the monarchy

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