The Second American Civil War was the second of the 2 American Civil Wars fought from 2001-2014. It had to defeat the fascist imperialist union of Imperial Virginia, Imperial Kentucky, Imperial West Virginia, Imperial Union of Carolina, Federation of Indiana and Ohio and The Kingdom of Tennessee. They together formed the United Kingdom of America. The claimed there secession from the United States of America after they believed the expansion of into other territories was needed to secure the future of the world. The 7 states all voted in favour of the Colonization Bill but the 43 other states did not agree. They then walked out of the Grand Congress and took over all US Military Operation Centres in the states and set up new courts and a brand new imperialist government.

War broke out when the first meeting of the Imperial Council of Ministers was ambushed by the US Military. They eventually pushed the US Military out of the UKA Area. War raged on for 13 years until the US President Henry Bush issued a ultimatum saying they will unleash the entire US Nuclear Force on them. The United Kingdom of America did not have any nuclear missiles and surrendered as they seen no hope. The leader of the UKA Thomas Donnelly was executed by lethal injection along with his entire cabinet. All military officers were given 100+ years in prison.


After the 2001 Presidential Election the new president was faced with huge problems. The world population has grown to over 29 billion with the US population at seven billion people. Water and land is on the brink of running out and riots and unrest is rife in the country. The new The US Supremacy Party has won significant votes in many states in the Congress and Senate Elections. Henry Bush calls the first ever Grand Congress which calls the Senate, House of Representatives, The White House Administration and Judges of the Supreme Court together to address problems. The US Supremacy Party has enough seats to have proposition rights which mean it can propose bills. It proposes the Colonization Bill which states that the US should invade neighbouring Canada and Mexico to spread out the population. The Democrats and Republicans highly oppose the plan and propose the Population Sharing Scheme it states sending its citizens to other countries which aren't under much pressure such as African nations. The Grand Congress votes in favour of the Population Sharing Scheme. Thomas Donnelly steps up to speak and states that the states of Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Carolina Union and Ohio and Tennessee will leave the house.

The 7 states then issue Proclamation Order 1. which states that the 7 states are now a independent imperialist union. Thomas Donnelly is elected Emperor and he elects his Council of Ministers.

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