The Confederation of Sakhalin
Den Konfederatjønet åv Sakhalin
Timeline: Medwedian World
SakhalinFlag.png Coat of arms of Estonia.svg
Coat of arms
Fredum fyr Sakhalin! "Freedom for Sakhalin!"
Oh, du Land den grynen valden!
SakhalinConfed Highlight.png
Area highlighted in dark green is the Sakhalin Confederation by 1848, just before joining the Medwedian Democratic Federation.
Largest city Syd-Sakhalinby
Official languages Medwedian
Regional Languages Ainu, Japanese
Ethnic groups  Medwedians, Siberians, Ainu
Demonym Sakhalinian
Government Federak Reoublic
 -  Governor Thor Bjergsby Ottowald
 -  Deputy Governor Albert van der Beer (1845-1846) Edmund Thorsten (1846-1848)
 -  Prime Minister Walter Herbert
 -  Superme Commander of the Military Colonel Thor Edmundsson
Legislature Governor's Office
 -  Upper house General Council
 -  Lower house Republican Congress
 -  Provisional Government 25th November of 1844 
 -  Established 12th January of 1845 
 -  Annexed by the Medwedian Democratic Federation 1st January of 1848 
 -   estimate 50.000 
Currency Sakhalin Dollar (1845-1846) Medwedian Dollar (1846-)

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