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Russia has jumped the gun. The Russians mobilize their troops and invade Prussia, siding with the Bavarians. The Prussians, taken by surprise are now fighting a somewhat two front war. Russia seems to be making promising gains due to having the element of surprise on their side. By early 1885, East Prussia has fallen. France (under the Second Empire) and Britain are becoming weary about what this might do to the balance of power on the continent. Napoleon III insists that a war is necessary to prevent either side from becoming too powerful, but Britain does not want to support Prussia or Russia. Eventually, France acts without Britain and declares war on Bavaria and Russia, relieving the Prussian in Germany. The war locks into a deadly stalemate with France holding Bavaria in lines while Prussia has stalled the Russian advance. Britain is now left to choose how to solve the war and whom to side with. The Ottoman Empire briefly considers declaring war on Russia to regain its status, but decides that it is risky unless other nations also attack Russia.

So, who will join the war?

The war continues as is.

Britain joins the Russians.

Britain joins the Prussians.

The Ottomans attack Russia, but Britain does not.

Both Britain and the Ottomans attack Russia.

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