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Stalin decides that it is impossible for the Soviet Union to attack the Reich currently, as by the time the Soviets are ready, the uprising will have failed, and the Soviets will be defeated by the combined might of Germany and Finland. He thus decides that he should attack Finland first, so that he will have part of his flank secured.

The invasion of Finland goes like in OTL, with the Finnish resisting for a time, but then being crushed by superior numbers. By the time the Soviets are able to defeat Finland, the rebellions in the Reich are crushed. Despite this, the cracks within the Reich continue to widen, as the animosity and ambition that the various Nazi leaders had for each other reemerges. However, some leaders see that if the Nazi's do not work together, they will fall. They convince the other Nazi leaders to establish a coalition government. They then decide that the Soviets are unprepared for a war with Germany, and decide to attack.

In the end, the Second World War goes as normal, except the Reich collapses faster as the council set up to govern the Reich breaks apart. The world of 2010 looks very much like today. with only smal differences.

End of Timeline

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