In response to the 1986 hijack of Pan Am Flight 73, in January 1987 an Israeli terrorist organization called "The Greater Israel Revolutionary Army" hijacked a plane which was coming from the international Egyptian airport in Cairo to Moscow, Soviet Union. The terrorists force the plane to land in Tel Aviv then call for demands from the Russian government to stop aiding the Arab nations into bombing Israel, and to make them recognise Israel. With citizens held hostage of Arabs and Russians. The Soviet Union calls in Spetznaz special forces to rescue the hostages. And A decisive battle begins.....


The Spetznaz teams prepares for Operation:Caretaker


To study the place to agents are sent as civilians, they check the strongholds with the help of a Palestinian Sheik. As night dawned the entire Spetznaz teams is shipped in and they begin their attack on the strongholds. The GIRA are hit with a shock and sustain heavy casualties by the Spetznaz and successfully freeing several hostages, however soon reinforcements arrive on the scene and a pitch battle takes place wherein all the Israeli terrorists are killed and the Spetznaz with the hostages escape and move out to their next position.

The Greater Israel Revolutionary Army

According to one of the surviving enemy soldiers, the GIRA was formed after the 1967 and that their aim was to begin preparation for a "greater Israel" a disillusioned idea. Their primary enemies were Arabs and also to kill all Arabs and Muslim peoples as they were considered a threat to Israel. After giving this information he is brutally killed by one of the team's men.


According to the hostages the GIRA were holding the remaining 21 hostages in occupied Jerusalem. The liberators move in and drive to Jerusalem were a supposed joint GIRA-IDF force was guarding the stronghold. The Spetznaz gear up and begin a massive confrontation. The Russians are able to get aid from the newly created Palestinian resistance army "Hamas" they prove to be extremely resourceful knowing the insides and outsides of the compound. With the morning coming the assault begins, the Israeli forces are taken completely by surprise which results in heavy casualties and due to the well trained capabilities the Russian-Hamas forces crushes the terrorist, enter the buildings and fighting room by room. They finally find the hostages however only 17, 3 are taken by fleeing Israeli troops.


In an ensuing chase in the desert a truck load of troops is destroyed the by the Spetsnaz and several others try a desperate ditch battle however they are no match for the Spetsnaz-Hamas force. Fortunately only by heroic fighting the last of the GIRA are successfully killed along with all their key leaders, The Spetsnaz now make their way out of Israel.

Israeli Army Falters

In the ensuing defeat at the hands of the heroic Spetznaz the Israeli defence force is severely crippled and is unable to launch a counter-attack in order to retrieve the hostages from the Russians, the Israeli prime minister announces..." All IDF FORCES ARE TO IMMEDIATELY RETREAT INTO ISRAELI HELD TERRITORY, AND ARE NOT TO ENGAGE THE ENEMY ANY FURTHER".

Desperate Escape

With the help of Hamas forces, the Russians make their escape to the airport engaging a few Israeli troops in the airport. They take the plane which brought the hostages there and with safety getting all the hostages into the plane they take off and land to the safety of Lebanon, where massive crowds are there to greet them.

The plane after its successful landing in Beirut

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