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Coat of Arms for the House of Kribt

This is the current ruling House of the Grand Duchies of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. The Family hails from the city state of Bavaria-Munchen and is a strong contender for the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.

Royal Members

King Andreas I- 1410-1460

King Andreas Kribt II King of Bavaria- 1430-1485

King(current) Wilhelm Kribt- living 1454-

Duchess Sophia Kribt of Straubing(wife of Prince Wilhelm) lived- 1455-

Duke of Nuremburg Adame Kribt(2nd son of King Andreas II) lived- 1460-

Addendum* I will forget, if anybody sees a member I've not mentioned, Please add them. Thanks

List of Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire from Bavaria

Emperor Wilhelm Fredrich Kribt I the Benevolent ruled: 1507-

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