In this althistory, you will learn how the Roman Empire was reborn under the leadership of its first emperor Benito Mussolini. I am stopping work on this page for a while to work on a project that I just started planning out.

1921-Mussolini leads his followers who were called the on the Great March on Rome. Once they arrived at Rome they then quickly took over the city. The next day, Benito Mussolini is crowned the first new Roman Emperor by Pope Benedict the XV. In his coronation speech he promises to restore the glory of the Old Roman Empire. Which is a act that makes the rest of Europe very wary of Italy.

1922-The New Roman Empire tries to by the island of Corsica from France. But the offer to buy the island is rejected by the French government.

1923-The Corfu Incident happens when the New Roman Empire occupies Fuime. That same year the empire strengths a treaty of friendship with Yugoslavia (In OTL it ended it).

1925-The New Roman Empire makes claim to all land that was once part of the original Roman Empire.

1929-The stock market crashes on October 31. It is known as the Halloween Crash as a result of the crash. The Great Depression begins that year.

1930-The New Roman Empire annexes the Republic of Switzerland. An act that outrages the British Empire and The French republic.But no action is take to stop the annexation of Switzerland.

1933-Hitler is elected the chancellor of Germany. This signals the rise of Nazi Germany and soon after the Nazi government begins to pass a series of laws which aim to exclude Jews from German government and society.

1935-The New Roman Empire invades Albania in October of that year along with the African country of Ethiopia. 1936-The Rhineland of Germany is re-militarized and that year Germany signs the Pact Of Steel with the New Roman Empire and the Empire Of Japan.

1939-The New Roman Empire invades the island of Corsica and southern France on June 20, of that year. This event led to France and its unlikely ally of Great Britain to declare war on the New Roman Empire starting the Second Great War.

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