Atlantis flag

The Atlantic Empire Rises

The Atlantic Empire rose on a large island 500 KM off the Coast of Lisbon about 3900 BC. They united from smaller nations with the tech group of 5 (About medieval tech), their capital being Atlantis, in the former nation (Now State) of Ocina. Atlantis was a major point in the rise of colonization, in 3100 BC, Atlantis colonizing began in Iberia. This was met by the tribal attention, which began to make strikes against Atlantic Colonists, in 3054 BC, they left the colony. In 2931 BC, they Colonized the region of Cork in the British Isles (Basically the bottom of Ireland). They began to take over the isles in a mass colonization attempt, crushing rival tribes. However, tribes soon got hold of their tech, fighting back in the First Atlantic Colonization War.

The First War is Lost

In 2765 BC, The First Atlantic Colonization War ended with the Atlantic Empire being pushed off their colony in the cork region by the tribes, eventually, the tribes began to trade the new tech with other tribes, North-Western Europe becoming a Advanced Nation. This was a great loss for the Atlantic Empire, but it taught them something: Always go in safety first.

The First Armor

Atlantic Scientists have a goal to make Armor, a protective suit that can protect against the primitive blades of the southern tribals, nothing more, nothing. less. The first suits of Armor were greatly helpful, but, tribals get hold of it too. Through reverse engineering and tweaking, they attacked back with better suits of armor than the Atlanticans had.

Stopping the Tribal Attacks

Atlantis was a nation of strong people, they won't give up easy. As the battles with the new "Tribals" were hard, Atlantis was getting more focused on them. Eventually, Atlantis strikes back with their new suits of armor, new weapons, plus a whole arsenal of new ships. The tribal war ended 985 BC with Atlantis the Victor. Atlantis colonizes all of the western coast of France, the North coast of Iberia, plus the South coast of Ireland.

Atlantis Reaching it's Peak

Atlantis felt a boom in economy, becoming a great city of trade, the capital of the world, in a sense. As it rose to it's peak, it never went to war, but its colonization was great. This is the end of this page, the continuation will be on a separate page with a hyperlink at the top. This is a temporary message, it will be removed when it is complete.

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