Barry Goldwater Portrait
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June 2, 1964: Barry Goldwater loses a tight primary victory in California to New York governor Nelson Rockefeller

July 4, 1964: Ronald Reagan makes his famous "A Time for Choosing" speech; while well-received by California Republicans and conservative delegates, it is not enough to give Barry the GOP nomination. Nelson Rockefeller is nominated on the first ballot.

November 3, 1964: Nelson Rockefeller loses the election to President Johnson; while not a landslide it is certainly not a close election, with 46% of the popular vote going to Nelson Rockefeller and his running mate Hiram Fong, while Lyndon Johnson receives 52% with the rest going to third party candidates and faithless electors


The senate elections are poor, with Democrats gaining one seat and Barry Goldwater maintaining his; his son, Barry Goldwater Jr., was victorious in winning California senate seat up that year while Attorney General Bobby Kennedy won his own senate election in New York


Democrats (+1): 65

Republicans (-1): 35

House results:

Democrats (+13): 272

Republicans (-13): 163

1966: Ronald Reagan decides not to enter the GOP primary for governor, and the field is quickly cleared for former vice president Richard Nixon, as he decides it would be easier to run for senator in 1968 rather than face Nixon in a primary. Nixon wins over Pat Brown 56%-42%. In his victory speech Nixon implies he will not run for president in 1968, which leads many pundits to write him off as a serious contender in the presidential election. Republicans gain 9 senate seats; in Tennessee, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New hampshire, Montana, Minnesota, and Illinois to have the final totals 56-44 with Democrats holding a less strong majority, while in the house the GOP gains 52 seats to give the Democrats an extremely thin majority 220-215.

1968: Barry Goldwater steamrolls over John Volpe in the GOP primaries. He then goes on to destroy HHH 56-42% in the general election. His coattails extend to Congress, where the GOP nets 8 senate seats and 43 house seats, which are the largest margins the GOP has held in both houses since 1947. President Goldwater promises to win the Vietnam War in 2 years or withdraw.

1969: The first item on the new president's agenda is to appoint a new chief justice following the retirement of Earl Warren. He chooses Warren Burger, and picks his Soliciter General, William Rehnquist to fill the associate justice seat vacated by Burger

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