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"[The Crimean War] was not the result of a calculated plan, nor even of hasty last-minute decisions made under stress. It was the consequence of more than two years of fatal blundering in slow-motion by inept statesmen who had months to reflect upon the actions they took."-Shepard Clough

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Austria had few options in the Crimean War, none of them good. Though Russia helped Austria put down the Hungarian_Revolution_of_1848 Hungarian Revolution of 1848, and the two both belonged to the Holy Alliance, Austria feared Russian power in the Balkans. Not wishing to anger Russia removed the possibility of an alliance with Great Powers, so Austria remained (mostly) neutral. Yet, she lost the most of any power, that being her alliance with Russia, leading directly to defeats at the hands of France and Prussia.

POD:Austria intervenes on Russia's side during the Crimean War, resulting in a Russian Victory. (Or, the put it more correctly, the Danubian War)

San Stefano

The Balkans after the Danubian War.

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