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Throughout Greater Germany, there are those who have detest Hitler's Fascist dictatorship, and wish to kill him and liberate the conquered territories. While their numbers were once great, to the point their revolution nearly took back Switzerland, between then and now, thousands were killed, and more went into hiding. The Empire is very powerful, and the rebel numbers continue to fall. However, there is one man who wishes to unite them; Heinrich Himmler! Himmler hates fascism and wishes to live in a free country but he could never get away with killing the Führer outright, so he made a plan: to seek out those who wish to create a rebellion, and take Berlin, thereby reforming Greater Germany into a Free Republic. Within the year, Himmler has ammassed ten thousand rebels, all ready for war.

Himmler confers with his SS Lieutenants about this plan, and four of the five agree with him, but the fifth Lieutenant will not hear of it, and he storms out of Himmler's office, readying his SS regiment for a civil war. When Hitler gets word of a (staged) unprising in the Southern portion of German North Africa, he sends every soldier he has to quell the non-existent threat. With the military out of the way, the sepratist SS and the rebels invade Berlin, engaging in a civil war with loyalist SS and civilians. As the bloody coup draws to a close, Hitler is cornered in the Reichstag by Himmler and the Rebel leader, Luke. It seems all over for Greater Germany - but things are not as they seem, when Himmler and Hitler pull their weapons on Luke, and kill him instead!

The army of Germany returns from their hiding place just outside the city, crushing the rebellions but sparing the SS. Himmler and Hitler laugh in triumph, exchanging words of glee and thanks that their master plan, to destroy the rebellion they both knew was coming, worked. Yet the plot thickens still, when Himmler kills Adolf, and assumes command of the Empire in the bloodiest and most complex way possible.

The rebels have been dealt with, as have Hitler, but there are still loyalists in Berlin, and once word spreads they will spring up all over the place, what does Himmler do?

Secretly kill the Loyalists in the city, then peacfully take charge of Germany.

Publicly execute the Loyalists to serve as a warning to future rebels.

Ignore the Loyalists; focus on bigger and better things.

Jazon Naparleon 03:16, July 24, 2010 (UTC)