The Primaries

The Republican Primary

Republican contenders:

Florida Governor Jeb Bush
Secretary of State Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania
U.S. Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich of Georgia
U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island
Former Ambassador Alan Keyes of Maryland

Jeb Bush still led in polling and was continually the frontrunner of the bunch but after a surprise second place in the Iowa Caucus by Wayne Allard and a third place finish in New Hampshire, soon many thought that this could be the end of Jeb Bush'es momentum.

After reaffirming that he was the frontrunner and winning in a string of primaries and quickly becoming the presumptive nominee after beating out the insurgent campaign from Newt Gingrich and Bushes major opponent Tom Ridge.

Results in Republican primaries/caucuses

State Date ofPrimary/Caucus First place Second place Third place Fourth place
Iowa January 19 Allard Bush Gingrich Ridge
New Hampshire January 27 Ridge Chafee Bush Gingrich
Missouri February 3 "Mini Tuesday" Bush Gingrich Ridge Allard
North Dakota February 3 Bush Allard Ridge Gingrich
Oklahoma February 3 Gingrich Bush Ridge Allard
South Carolina February 3 Bush Ridge Gingrich Allard
D.C. February 10 Ridge Bush Gingrich Chafee
Tennessee February 10 Gingrich Bush Ridge Allard
Wisconsin February 17 Ridge Bush Chafee Gingrich
California March 2 "Super Tuesday" Bush Ridge Gingrich Allard
Connecticut March 2 Bush Ridge Chafee Gingrich
Georgia March 2 Gingrich Bush Ridge Keyes
Maryland March 2 Bush Gingrich Ridge Allard
Massachusetts March 2 Ridge Bush Chafee Gingrich
Minnesota March 2 Bush Ridge Gingrich Chafee
New York March 2 Bush Ridge Chafee Gingrich
Ohio March 2 Ridge Bush Gingrich Allard
Rhode Island March 2 Chafee Ridge Bush Gingrich
Vermont March 2 Chafee Ridge Bush Gingrich
Florida March 9 Bush Gingrich Ridge Keyes
Louisiana March 9 Bush Gingrich Ridge Keyes
Mississippi March 9 Gingrich Bush Ridge Keyes
Texas March 9 Bush Gingrich Ridge Keyes
Illinois March 16 Bush Ridge Gingrich Keyes
Pennsylvania April 27 Ridge Bush Gingrich Chafee
Indiana May 4 Bush Ridge Gingrich Keyes
West Virginia May 11 Bush Gingrich Ridge Keyes
Arkansas May 18 Bush Gingrich Ridge Keyes
Kentucky May 18 Bush Gingrich Ridge Ridge
Oregon May 18 Bush Ridge Gingrich Chafee
Idaho May 25 Bush Gingrich Ridge Keyes
Alabama June 1 Bush Gingrich Keyes Ridge
New Mexico June 1 Bush Gingrich Keyes Ridge
South Dakota June 1 Bush Gingrich Keyes Ridge
New Jersey June 8 Bush Gingrich Keyes Chafee

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