The Republic of Texas in Red

The Republic of Texas
Timeline: 2001: The beginning of the End
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

"Don't Mess With Texas" (English Spanish)

Anthem "Yellow Rose of Texas"
Capital Dallas
Largest city Dallas
Language English


Legislature Republic
Population 9.5 Million 
Established Jan 1st 2002
Currency RTD (Republican Texas dollar
Time Zone TST (Texas Standard Time)


Formed on January 1st 2002, With the president of Rick Perry.  The country has become known as the leading producer of oil in North America. It also defended itself against Mexico following their attempt to reclaim New Mexico. Comprised of the Former USA states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana, It is now a very populated country, and a well respected nation.  It has the most powerful military in North America, and has become known for the wild buffalo that roam free.                                                                                                          

The Texas-Mexican war:Background and the first blood drawn

In January 2002, Mexico tried to claim Texas land as their own, and President Perry took offense to it.  On January 21st 2002, Mexican soldiers were spotted at the US border, trying to find a spot to invade.  President Perry took offense to this, and launched the First Rangers of Texas (Texas version of the Marines), to defend their land.  The Mexican regiment fired the first shots, hitting and killing commander Tom Johnson, and wounding two more rangers.  The remaining Rangers took their own riffles, and started shooting at the invaders, and killed their leader, Commander Jaun Bietez, and repelled the first attack, in what would be come to known as "Rio Grande affair". 

The Battle for Freedom, Texas

On January 29th, the Mexican Army invaded Laredo Texas, and declared it "Mexican property", and changed the name to "La Victoria" and all citizens were now Mexican citizens.  A small band of guerrilla fighters began the fight to regain independence, much like the battle for the Alamo two centuries before.  The fighters were able to take down the small regiment of soldiers, and declared "We are not Mexicans, We are Texans!".  President Perry  sent troops to keep the renamed city of Freedom protected against enemy attack.

The Invasion of Mexico

The American-Mexican war
Active years: April 2001- April 19th 2004
Mexico- Republic of Texas
Result: Mexico forfeited land below the Rio Grande River. Texas withdrew their troops.

Mexico, 2000 dead, 10,000 injured, 400 missing/captured

Republic of Texas: 600 dead, 1000 injured, 600 missing/captured
The TRT invaded Mexico as retaliation for this attack, and got as far as Mexico City, and took over the city.  Mexico eventually drove the army out of Mexico City, at a bloody cost.

Other Battles

The Battle of The Border

The final battle April 18th 2002

All on their own, the 1st Dallas regiment armed with tanks, jets and soldiers were attacked by a Mexican car bomb at the gates of Fort Hood.  The resulting attack killed ten soldiers, a commander and secretary of Defense Rick "Walker" Ridge - a former Texas Ranger as well.  The remaining regiment then launched a full out attack on the border city of La Depreate, burning it to the ground and killing Leader De-Soto France.  The raids continued until morning, when the treaty of the Rio Grande was signed, ending the war.

The Rio Grande Peace

On April 19th 2004, The Republic of Texas and the nation of Mexico came to peace.  The war was a costly one for both sides, and they both agreed to cease of war, but could never be allies due to the bad blood.  The treaty of The Rio Grande was signed on April 21st 2004, by President Ricky Perry, military Commander William Harry "Bill" McRaven and the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox.  Small regiments from each side tried to continue the war, but both presidents ordered their respective groups to stop.

August 2002. The Big Easy Sinks

On August 28th 2002, the city of New Orleans was hit by an unprecedented Category 6 hurricane called "Deseree" that also hit the former US Gulf Coast region. New Orleans levees were all breached and the entire city was flooded under five feet of standing water, making the NFL "Superdome" Stadium an island, which disaster struck as well. Three days before impact, President of The Republic Of Texas, Rick Perry, ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city and the gulf coast. Amtrak was called in to offer a "refugee train" to take those in the path to safer grounds. The train left with no one on board, because no one boarded. When the hurricane passed, things "went to hell" in the Superdome. On September 1st 2002, something caused a gas line to ignite inside the dome. The fire spread fast since there were no functioning fire suppressing systems. The stadium burned to the ground and killed an estimated 300 people, on top of the 500 killed along the Gulf Coast, bringing the total dead to 800.



California Collective

Democratic Colorado Collective

Great Plains

Confederate States of America

Mid Atlantic Union




No contact:

Northwest states


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