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Pwflag COAofROP
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Pojoaque

"Where Eagles Soar" (English)

Capital Pojoaque
Largest city Farmington
Other cities Bloomfield, Shiprock
  others Tewa
Religion Christian


Pojoaque was one of few cities that was populated mostly by Pueblos.


The Doomsday effect shocked New Mexicans, who had never expected such an event to happen, nether-the-less, the people began to reform the country side. On September 24th, the people of upper New Mexico County and parts of other counties declared the Republic of Pojoaque. One problem faced was marauders and outside gangs, Under Panjefoulacio Naqeus, a new military force was formed and the threats where removed one by one (timeline shall be created later)


The Government is a Democratic Republic, with its president being Larry Delgado, its government is simply what the former U.S. had except for the fact that laws can be passed by the Legislative without permission from the Judicial. Recently, the Legislative has passed a bill that makes immigration tests much easier.


The military is simply the Protectors or defenders of the republic, with the military having over 5,830 trained and equipped troops, the republic can defend itself easily, considering the fact that no real threats besides West Texas. The Air force is one of the best in the world, most of the aircraft have been designed by George Tomwell, a outsider who arrived with aircraft blueprints that were easy to create, yet strong, although its weakness is quite a big one (the underbelly). Its navy consists of only two modern destroyers, both of which were to be used to help stop Mexican immigration into the U.S.


The Republic has been using the same system that the U.S. had created by scratch. The only change to the economy is that coins and dollar bills have been redesigned. The economy recently has decreased slightly, due to its location.

The Capital

The capital of the republic, Pojoaque, has been a major Pueblo reservation city, but one unique thing is that every single building uses mostly the same material Pueblos used, but they do use modern materials to keep them high.

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