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The Republic Of South Africa, is the reformed government of the provinces of Gauteng, North West and Limpopo and some parts of KwaZulu-Natal,

Flag of Transvaal Coat of Arms of the South African Republic
Flag Coat of Arms
550px-South Africa (orthographic projection).svg
Location of The Republic Of South Africa

Unity In Diversity (English, Afrikaans, Sesotho sa Leboa, Xitsonga, Venda)

Anthem "Shosholoza"
Capital Pretoria
Largest city Johannesburg
Other cities Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Mafikeng
Language English, Afrikaans, Sesotho sa Leboa, Xitsonga, Venda
Ethnic Group White, Black
Demonym South African
Government Constitutional Democracy
  legislature Parliament Of South Africa
Population 26,000,000 
Established June 6th 1988
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 31 May 1910
Currency Rand


Early History

Early History Of South Africa.

History Of South Africa (1652-1815)

Time Of Dutch Control.

History Of South Africa (1652-1815)

History Of South Africa (1815-1910)

British Rule.

History Of South Africa (1815-1910)

History Of Difaqane

It describes a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous tribes in Southern Africa during the period between 1815 and about 1840.


History Of South Africa (1910-1948)

South Africa in the World Wars.

History Of South Africa During The World Wars.

History Of South Africa (1948-1982)

South Africa after the World Wars, was under strict apartheid, this caused the white and black population tension to rise. South Africa played a key roll during the Cold War, during the South African Border War, during this time the US and USSR both backed up one side, the US helped South Africa and the USSR backed up the northern nations of Zambia and Angola.

Doomsday Event


South Africa was not ready for the attacks, nor the chaos that followed.


On Sept 26 the nation watched as its closest allies were blown away by Soviet missiles. South Africa lost all contact with the UK, then France, until finally, the US. South Africa went under martial law after seeing that their leader left.


The nation went into chaos. South Africa was divided due to ethnic fighting. New Britain took most of the white majority of the South African Government and Marais Vijoen. After weeks of chaos, the nation came under strict military control under F.W. de Klerk as the leader, which was ended on 1988. The nation was based in Pretoria and Johannesburg, the government began to debate over what the name should be, they finally came to a vote of renaming the nation of, "The Republic Of South Africa", to honor they're broken country, and that it should be reborn to become a more beautiful South Africa. F.W. de Klerk stayed in power until 1999, he kept a steady peace between the blacks and whites. He also accepted the new South African flag from Frederick Brownell before he left office, but it hasn't been used yet. The day he left he told his fellow South Africans on live television "The past years have been hard, we are so blessed to be in such a peaceful place, I hope this peace can reach Cape Town in the next years, and then to all of Africa, but it's my time to go and I hope this nation will be led by a powerful leader, goodbye..". The nation elected Thabo Mbeki, who began reforms and South Africa, creating new jobs.

Problems with The Azanian League

Back Ground

The Azanian League is a pro-Communist, Black controlled political party, It also has a military branch with works outside of The Republic Of South Africa. They are currently helping The Republic of KwaXhosa against New Britain.


South Africa has become a political battle ground, The Azanian League has played a major role in this, T.A.L has caused many deaths on white South Africans due to The Republic Of South Africa's communication with New Britain and RZA. The government has put to court ten murders who claim to be Azanian League.


Military Info:

South African National Defence (1983: Doomsday)


South Africa is a Republic, it is also ran as a constitutional democracy. It has a Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. Its current president is Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.


The bicameral Parliament of South Africa consists of the National Assembly, the lower house, and the National Council of Provinces, the upper house. The National Assembly consists of 200 members elected by popular vote using a system of party-list proportional representation. Half of the members are elected from parties' provincial lists and the other half from national lists.

Reunite South Africa

One of South Africa's main goals is to bring South Africa back from the ashes. This idea has been shot down by politicians from all over the nation saying that South Africa will never reunite due to ethnic fighting. The plan from South Africa is that if the nation can come together, then it will use the new South African flag that Frederick Brownell presented.

Economy Of South Africa

Before Doomsday, South Africa was becoming a Economic power in the world, but chaos stopped the progressive South Africa.


South Africa has powerful agriculture sector that can manage its nations population. Corn is the largest grown crop, It also grows a large amount of fruits.


South Africa has one of the most abundant amounts of gold in the world. Mining gold is one of the largest occupations in the country. After Doomsday gold was useless, but after years of bringing the country back to life, gold has become the nation's backbone.


Like gold, Diamonds are in great amounts in South Africa. Diamonds are coming back into the world and it is likely that South Africa will lead the world in Diamonds and Gold in the near future.


South Africa has a large amount of coal. 84.2% of power comes from coal.


South Africa has a very low amount of Oil reserves, making transportation more public and cars are not in use.

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