The Reman Republic

Imagine, instead of Romulus killing Remus, Remus Killed Romulus? How would the world turn out in a world of Reme?

Timeline (For Kings and Senators of Reme, click there)

753 BCE- Remus founds the city of Reme on the southern Banks of the Tiber River at the age of 18.

750 BCE- Remus crowned Remus I of Reme. The power of the Saabanes and the Laatani grow around them, although Reme is technically owned by Etruria.

733 BCE- Remus I founds temple of Iupatar (Jupiter) and Zeitarn (Saturn). Reme grows to a pop. of 500.

729 BCE-Eturia erupts into anarchy as Saabani and Laatani tribes overwhelm it.

Rome flag

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