The Red Hammer is a 1992 English alternative history novel written by David Cathcart, set in a parallel universe in which U.S. President Prescott Bush decides against intervention in England during the Anarchy, and due to the non-existent English Adventure, the French Empire has no strategic interest in an invasion across the English Channel. As a result, after an extended period of anarchy and civil war, the EWA is victorious and establishes their own military dictatorship in England.

The novel, set in 1975 during the first months of Albert II's reign in France, explores the ramifications of EWA rule in England, and was lauded for its realistic portrayal of what an EWA-sponsored English Reconstruction would have looked like and wrought about. The plot itself, however, concerns the murder of a high-ranking member of the army and the efforts of a private detective and a military police investigator to determine the culprit together. The Red Hammer is regarded as a seminal and influential work of alternative history.

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