The Railyard Siege is a 2007 American war drama produced and directed by Pat Alden and released by United-Edison Showcase Pictures (UES), starring Nick Gross, Jon Hamm, Greg Kinnear, Kieran Moldose, Yevgeni Malenkov, Christian Harper, Steve Reardon and Gary Sinise. It is an updated remake of the 1958 film of the same name, concerning the defense of the Omaha railyards in August of 1886 during the Battle of Omaha in the Alaskan War. While primarily focusing on the American defenses, the film features some scenes of Russian dialogue to show Alaskan reactions and planning based on the American efforts and also has scenes featuring other pieces of the battle.

The film was a moderate commercial success in both the United States and overseas, and generated mostly favorable reviews, especially in comparison to the 1958 film that concerned the same subject, and was compared by many critics to 2005's Burrard, a film which they saw as inspiring the darker, grittier and more historically realistic interpretation of the Battle of Omaha. The film helped kickstart the movie careers of both Hamm and Moldose.

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