The Railyard Siege is a 1958 American war drama film written, produced and directed by John Berry, released by PMR Pictures and starring Don Sorenson, Timothy Ryan, Silvio Costa, Bill Watkins, Sam Pell, Jack Germaine and Perry Nives. The film depicted the 1886 Battle of Omaha during the Alaskan War exclusively from the American perspective, focusing in particular on the 17th Michigan Regiment's two-day defense of the Omaha rail and stockyard at the southern end of the city. The film was a major critical and commercial success, coming at the height of popularity for the Patriot film genre, and helped launch the career of a then-young Jack Germaine, who had primarily appeared in television shows and theatres up until that point.

While seen as a classic for the first decade and a half after its release, over time the film began to be viewed negatively by film critics, especially during the late 1970's and early 1980's, in particular over its overt jingoism and gross historical inaccuracies and its contribution to a genre that by that point was criticized derisively. The movie was especially unpopular in Alaska due to its strongly negative portrayal of Alaskans, and it was a commercial failure upon original release and home video release in that country. A loose remake with considerably more historical accuracy and violence was released in 2007, to strong reviews and commercial success.

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