The following will apply to all British colonies, if they accept the terms.

Parties Present

  • The United Kingdom
  • All the Colonies of the UK
No one else is allowed to view (unless you are a mod filling in for these nations)

The Queen's Mandate

  • You will be an independent Democracy or Republic (no other forms of government allowed)
  • Trade will continue with the United Kingdom
  • A small tax will be paid to the United Kingdom every year
  • The Union Jack or the traditional colours of the British Flag will remain or be used in your new flags
  • You will join the British Commonwealth
  • You will join the EU (depending on your location)
  • You will join the EAU (depending on your location)
  • Special terms will be discussed for certain colonies upon their voting
  • If you wish to stay a part of the UK please say so in the Against section



  • British West Africa: We think it will be a good idea for mandate, we're still UK colony but we hope to remain unless the independence gets onto us of both African Colonies like British West Africa and British East Africa. Somehow we vote for.
    • British Diplomacy: Your response is kind of confusing... are you staying or leaving the UK?
    • British West Africa: We believe to still stay with UK colony, so we don't hope to ruin your relations. We know we made a mistake here, We believe we could have vote against. Our mistake.
    • British West Africa: According to the history, it means we might declare the independence, it should mean that it will be possible for solid protection and a good benefit system well into the future to our nation, we vote For.
  • British East Africa: The revolutionaries and the rest of us have agreed to the terms and we agree to become an Independent confederate republic, The Confederate Republic of Sudanese Uganda. The people have agreed to start send gold back to the United Kingdom and will apply for the British Commonwealth. How much money will we have to pay every year?


Please put a reason for why you are against

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