The Poznan Feud War

The Factions at the beginning of the War

The Poznan Feud War was a time of individual wars that lasted for over 40 years from 1319 to 1361 between The Holy Roman Empire and The Principality of Teutonic Knights. The Venecian Empire joined the war on its own side as a means to gain more land.

The Feud was caused when Hochmeister Gilford of Tannenburg claimed that the Principality of Teutonic Knights were entitled to the provence of Poznan and the surrounding areas.

Despite the length of the war there were few battles and little deaths and casualties, mainly because of the Treaty of Berlina which gave land to the Teutons in exchange for Loyalty, meaning if the Teutonic Knights turned on the HRE they would be excommunicated by the Pope, despite this there were occasional loopholes which enabled the factions to engage in combat. Also, while the Teutonic Forces were superior to the HRE, they were busy fighting in other Baltic Nations and had to balance their forces.

During the war Poznan and its surrounding areas became the Free Territory and were neutral. This is where most of the combat took place.

The War ended in 1361 when Emperor Canton I allowed the Teutons to claim the land of Poznan due to the Empire being under stress from France and Milan. The Empire later allowed the Teutons extra land in the North West in exchange for clergy and full Alliance.

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