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While neither Britain, nor France, nor Russia wish to see a more powerful Germany, they also do not trust each other, fearing that it might lead to a larger war. And so, as the weeks go on, the Northern Germans smash the Southerners brutally. Nuremburg falls, and then Augsburg, cutting the South in two. It appears that the war will be over in a few weeks with a united Germany.

But the Austro-Hungarians are now worried. After the Prussians trounced them soundly in 1866, kicking them out of the German Confederation, they have feared a resurgent Germany that sides against them. And so, as Stuttgart is besieged by the Prussians, the Austrians launch a massive strike into the North, taking Dresden and pushing towards Berlin! The Germans despatch a couple of armies to deal with them, but with seven Austrian armies to just four Northern ones, the outcome is clear. At Leipzig, three Austrian armies utterly destroy their Prussian counterparts, taking out one army and forcing the other defending army to retreat hurriedly. They, however, are caught by two Austrian Armies encircling the city and are destroyed.

With the sudden distraction, the Southerners are resurgent, brushing aside the attack on Stuttgart and taking back Nuremburg, cutting off Augsburg. With three armies trapped in Augsburg, and another two left trying to defend against against the Austrian push towards Berlin, and the remainder destroyed or scattered, the Northerners are totally defenseless, and French and Russian partial mobilization carries a clear message; surrender now.

The Northerner capitulate on August 19th, 1885, a year and a month after the war started.

The Austrians and Bavarians are now in a dilemma- what to do with the Prussian Northerners?

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