People have died, people are dying and people will continue to die. This has been the law of nature and humanity

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since the beginning, and during the 19th century was this predominant. The amount children that died in this era was staggering, and had they lived, they could of gone onto do great or dreadful deeds. This the the story of a child, a child that died in the factories in Boston in 1833. Had this child lived, he could of went onto do those great or dreadful deeds.

POD and Overview

In 1833, a new thread producing factory in Boston opened to thunderous applause. The factory was quick to adopt a policy of child labour, and employed up to 50 to a 100 children. One of these children, Edward Bachman came extremely close to death following a collapse in one of the machines. After nearly five hours, he was revived and sent back to a work shelter. Following his recovery, Edward was sent back to work, where he continued to face danger every day until 1836. In 1836, Massachusetts passes a law stipulating that children as young as 15 have to attend school at least tree months a year. Due to Edward being 12 at the time, he began his school education at a Catholic school. During this time, Edward began to become more and more involved into the faith, and by age 19 he left for Louisiana. During his stay, he began to be taught by Christian ministers, and began his transition to become a missionary. This was cut short however, when in 1846, Edward Stead Bachman joined the army in the opening day of the Mexican-American war. During his time as a soldier, he recalled in his diary about "voices of God" and began to write stories that were told to him by the voices. After five years of writing, he finally finished his book, and in 1851 it was published as "The Holy Book and Chalice of our God who leads us". The holy book referred to a new Christian denomination, Bachism.

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