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The Plutocracy
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Hawaii
No flag
Flag of The Plutocracy

For the Rich (English)

Capital Haven
Largest city Industrial
Other cities Lab+, New Hollywood
Language English
Legislature The Plutocratic House
Secretary of the Rich
Independence from USA
  declared December 6th, 1983

The Plutocracy was founded after Hawaii was simply forgotten in nuking. All the rich moved there with their servants, actors and scientists. This is like modern Utopian America. The name Plutocracy means governed by the rich.


  1. Poll tax of 25,000.
  2. Right to bear arms with a permit (very hard to get).
  3. Paid passes to certain areas.
  4. Torture allowed.


Haven: The main palce the rich live and the Capitol.

Industrial: The place where people work to make the rich richer.

Lab+: Science HQ

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