The Confederated States of the Great Plains
Alternate Cold War
Timeline: Alternate Cold War
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Ex cineribus, fortes sumus. (Latin)

Capital Austin
Largest city Dallas
Other cities Bismarck, Des Moines
English (official)
  others spanish, German
Demonym Democratic Socialists
President Natasha Varisky
Independence January 31, 1950
Currency U.S. Dollar

Early Years

After the Denver Conference, the remmnants of the United States that covered the Great Plains and the Sonoran Desert became the Confederacy of the Great Plains.

Rise of Plantations

On April 14th, the Grand Council arrived at a fateful decision. The 5th Amendment set up a racial hierarchy, effectively lowering most ethnicities to slave status. Germany soon took notice of this, and approached The Condeferacy with an agreement. Germany would export Africans and Jews from its territories in return for wheat and other crops from The Confederacy. 

These slaves were put to work on massive farms, which often stretched for thousands of miles.

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