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The Communists manage to inspire the people of Japan to rise up against the Emperor through means of propaganda. Japan becomes a Communist Dictatorship, with the Emperor becoming a puppet figure to keep the Loyalist Forces from revolting. The Soviets begin sending aid to the new Communist nation, and Japan finally makes progress in China. However, the Allies, while the civil war was raging, began island hopping, and were getting close to the Soviet's newest ally. Should the Soviets choose to halt their campaigns in Europe and North Africa, they might be able to create a navy strong enough to protect Japan. But, the Allies might be able to gain headway into Europe. But if they continue on land, then the Japanese are certainly defeated.

So, what do the Soviets do?

The Communists continue in Africa!

The Communists head off to sea

Made by - TacoCopper

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