Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer

Albert Einstein, born in the height of the Peace era(1879) was one of the icons of the Peace era

The Peace era (1840-1931) was 90 years of relative peace in Europe and most of the world. Since the end of the Colonialism war with the conquest of China by the British empire in 1847 and the defeat of the Russian empire by Napoleon in 1823, no one had attacked the two powers and the two focused on the improvement of science. in that time, terrifying weapons such as the start of chimcal warfare was invented and advanced civilan tecnology such as airplanes, the automobile and a landline phone booth. It was also in that time the Japanese open their empire to strangers. Near the end of the Peace Ear (in 1928) a limited Space travel was invented (although expensive until the invention of the Space capitulate in 1959 and with no practical benefits) The Peace Era ended with the collapse of the British states of America's Economic Center The Wall Street in 1931, which caused Fascism to raise in Germany, Greece, and Japan. Germany and Greece succeed the EU and form together the GRC (Grater Reich Conclave) with Japan and eventually the Great War between the GRC and the Allies.

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