The Palmetto Confederation

Palmetto republic]

Official English


Largest city:

New Orangeburg

Fort Charleston

Head of State Title Commissioner-for-life
auxillary head of state N/A
Current leader Samuel B. Weston
Area: approx. 800 km²
Type of Government Confederation



September 23, PF 342 (1646)

May 3, PF 369(1669

Currency: Palmetto Dollar ($)

The Palmetto Confederation Was a nation founded in southeastern North America.


Not much is known about the Pre flash world, but after the event several groups banded together near the fertile feilds of new orangeburg. after a long war they managed to take on considerable land and rescources, but had lost many men. the war was very unpopular and only ended after a coup of the government. its leader was Samuel B. Weston, until it was nuked and taken over by the Cheasapeake Union

International Relations

only three other nations Were. known to the government. one Was relatively obscure with its government somewhere near the pre-flash city of Chicago.what little contact that was made was relatively peaceful. the second Was the kingdom of Atlana, a kingdom near the same size bordering to the west. their relations Were tense, as there Was much haterd between the two nations. an alliance was propsed during an imminent threat by the CU, but it was too late to create such an alliance. the third nation Was the cheasapeake union, who eventually took over the PC.

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