The Pale
An Pháil
1665 – 1665
St Patrick's saltire Coat of arms of Ireland
"Éirinn go Brách!"
(Ireland Forever!)
God Save the King
The Pale
The Pale.
Capital Dublin
Official language Irish Gaelic
Government Absolute Monarchy
Head of state
1995 -
King James II
Area 44,381 km² (2007)
Population 500,000 (2007)
Historical era
- Conquest by 'James, Duke of York'
- Re-conquest by Charles Fleetwood
- 1665

Currency None

The Pale was the period of time in which James, Duke of York ruled over an area of Ireland called the Pale which covered most of Leinster and Munster. James gained control of this area through causing a Jacobite Rebellion against the harsh rule of the Commonwealth. Due to the lack of any formal declaration of government The Pale was ruled under an Absolute Monarchy by James who styled himself as King James II of Ireland.

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