The Pagondas Reforms

The Pagondas Reforms were a series of revolutionary military changes that were enforced by the Theban Government on its population in 403 BCE. The Reforms, though despised by the people at first, were slowly accepted as the only possible way for Thebans to survive. The Pagondas reforms are amongst the most important documents in the modern world, as they have laid the foundation for many societies long after Theban destruction. Pagondas today is considered one of the greatest Military thinkers in history, and is believed as the founding father of modern warfare:

-3/4 of all boys over 15 are required to live at the barracks and train until 18.

-At 18 all men who have lived at the barracks are made inaugurated into the army as full time soldiers.

-All soldiers equitment and everyday needs are to be supplied by the state.

-All soldiers serve until they are 40, where they are given 1,000 gold pence.

-Neither Nobleman nor Loborn is a soldier or general, he who proves himself best on the field of battle can become either, no matter is class.

-Men who join the army before 15 are given 2,000 gold pence.

-Soldiers who die on the field of battle, are to be returned home: no matter the cost, and given a proper burial at the states expense.

-Men who serve over the age of 40, are given 250 pence every year over their serve-time.

The Effiency of the Reforms

Pagondas had a very clear picture of what the reforms purpose were, both a large combination of numbers and disicipline. By making the army so attractive, the size of the army grew enourmasly in a short period of time. The Barracks themselves became renknown for their excellent training, and soon enough Thebes had the worlds most efficient fighting force, being able to acomplish what Sparta did not.

However, Pagondas was a man beyond his times, and his reforms had a extremely heavy strain on the economy. Truthfully, Thebes large monetary stockpile allowed it to pay off its Military expenses, but the costs were so large that the force actually had to be decreased in size in order for the country to be able to spend its income on other insituttions. What Thebes lacked was colonies to supply its armed forces, and Pagondas believed Athens had just what he needed.

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