Pacific Front
Date1938 - 1943
Result Decisive Allied victory
United States of America, Empire of Japan British Empire
American | Japanese | Chinese

Admiral Yamamoto

Chester E Nimitz

Douglas Macarthur

Xue Yue


Oswald Mosley

1,060,000 960,000
Casualties and losses
309,008 killed,
78,300 wounded
17,000 captured
900,170 killed,
63,310 wounded

The War In the Pacific was a long slow war, with fighting over a vast area, and many set backs


there was tension in East Asia between Britain and Japan, especially after the Japanese purchase of Manchuria from China (in exchange for guns and assistance in fighting the communists). Those tensions got worse after Mosley became prime minister and he sought to make the British empire "the greatest on the earth", which angered his ally in Berlin Himmler and the Japanese Emperor, but it scared the US president Herbert Hoover because America was directly next door to Canada, so he prepared for the inevitable war with Britain, by forging military alliances with Iran, Japan, China, and France. It also terrified Chang Kai Sheik since India was also next door to China. Their responses to the Axis buildup was increasing defense budgets and conscription, which caused an arms race all the way to war.

Opposing Forces

The Axis

The Axis forces in the Pacific

The Allies

Initial fighting

1. Opening moves

RAF Bombers bombed Manila and Chungking, and left them into husks akin to Coventry OTL. But America and Japan didn't capitulate in the Pacific. Fighting across the Pacific raged between the Allied fleets and Royal Navy.

2. Midway

3. the Malaya campaign

Japan launched an invasion of Malaya, in order to capture its natural resources. British troops resisted, but eventually collapsed, and Singapore harbour was dynamited and blocked to prevent the Japs using it. British troops withdrew to Burma and the Dutch east indes.

The Tide Turns

1. The Indonesian campaign

Admiral Yamamoto and Chester Nimitz Both realized that Indonesia was a major hub for Dutch trade, and was ranked second only to Malaya in terms of importance. Operation Crocodile was launched using amphibious craft

2. The war in Fiji

The Fiji chain of Islands were in a strategic position between Argentina and Oceania. British ships slipped through the American Blockade, carrying supplies to Oceania and India. An American invasion force launched an attack on Fiji, with initial landings on the secondary island of Vanau Levu. Secondary landings on the main island, Viti Levu took place several days later.

3. the struggle for India

The Oceanian Campaign

1. Invasion of Australia

America, China, Chile (some naval support) and Japan launched Operation Tasmanian devil, the invasion of Mainland Australia. Several landings were made in Northern Australia, with Darwin the main target. But Darwin did not fall swiftly.

The end of the Pacific War

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