The SHV Pandemic, widely known as The Outbreak or the Undead Apocalypse is an ongoing pandemic caused by the Somali Hemorrhagic Virus (SHV) that has immersed the world in chaos.


The most visible consequence of the pandemic was the 'death' and subsequent reanimation of more than five billion humans. This meant a drastic reduction of world population, from 5.4 billion to approximately 58-150 million, that meaning a 97/99,1% reduction of world population, an amount similar to that of year 1 A.D.

Cultural effects

Among the consequences of the outbreak, all cultural production and creation stopped as major culture and entertainment sites were overrun. This caused the surviving human population's culture to remain in the 1980's for several years. Pop, new wave and electronic music continued to be very popular deep into the first decade of the XXI century. However, the initially relative isolation of human strongholds made culture in each safe zone to develop in different and unique ways. While some regard this new era as the one during which we lost our culture, many call it the rebirth of culture, as it drastically ended cultural globalisation.

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