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The Ottoman Empire has joined France and Prussia against Russia! Russia is forced to deploy troops to the south, allowing the Prussians to make their gains back in Russia. They also move into Poland, while France helps it invade Bavaria. Bavaria falls quickly and the united German Empire is proclaimed under Prussia. The war shifts focus to Russia now, falling without help. The Hungarian Empire (Austria-Hungary sans Austria, which is part of Bavaria) contemplates declaring support for the fellow Slavs and absolutists in Russia. However, this would mean fighting a two front war against the Ottomans in the south and the Prussians in the north. Hungary attempts to convince Britain to side with Russia, so that Hungary may also participate, but Britain does not want to damage relations with France. Hungary then looks to Italy, but Italy does not want to fight Germany. In the end Hungary does not intervene and Russia is defeated. Prussia seizes control of Poland and the Baltic states (the latter as a vassal) while the Ottomans take Transcaucasia. The Russian people are now greatly angry at their incompetent Tsar and such to dragging them into a costly war. Thoughts of revolution are now running rampant across the country. In 1888 the Russian Revolution starts. What will happen to Russia?

A constitutional monarchy is formed.

A socialist government is formed.

A republic is formed.

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