Ottoman Wars

14 June 1571


19 December 1592


Austria, Italy, Ottoman controlled Constantinople, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, and the Crusader States


Victory for the Christian League

Major battles:

First Battle of Constantinople
Battle of Vienna
Battle of Milan
Battle of Mohacs
Second Battle of Constantinople
Battle of Acre
Battle of Bosnia
Battle of Transylvania
Battle of Venice
Battle of Greece
Battle of the Kings


Holy Roman Empire
Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of Portugal
Kingdom of France
Kingdom of England
Kingdom of Aquitaine
The German Confederation

The Ottoman Empire


Rudolph II
Philip II
Philip III
Duke of Aviero
Henry IV
Edward VI
Alexander I

Sultan Mehmed
Grand Visiar




Casualties and Losses



The Ottoman Wars began in 1571 as a border conflict between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. However, in the early 1580s the European powers sensed a weakness in the Ottomans and formed the Christian League (named to not offend the Protestant monarchs). The Ottoman Wars are thought of as the Tenth Crusade and ended in victory for the Christians, the Ottomans were unable to mount a counter-attack and the countries Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia were re-established, along with the Crusader States.

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