The Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire flag
Flag of Ottoman Empire
Official languages Ottoman Turkish
Capital Istanbul
Largest City Istanbul
Population 750,000,000 (2009 census)
Military Occupations

Janissaries, Army, Air force, Navy, Marines, Royal Guard,

Government Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State Sultan Suliman Khan III; since 2000
Head of Government President Abdul Karim
Establishment 1950
Dissolution ----------
Currency Zaveye= .39 ID (fixed) 1000 Zevaya= 1 Vereqe (paper money)

In circulation: 10z, 50z, 100z, 250z, 500z, 1,000z, 25,000z

Not in circulation: 1/16z, 1/4z,1z, 2z, 3z, 5z, 7z,

Paper Bills

In circulation: 1v, 5v, 10v, 25v, 50v, 100v, 500v, 1,000v

Not in circulation: 1z, 50z, 100z

The Ottoman Empire was re-established after WW IV and is currently running.


Language is a complex thing in the Ottoman Empire do to Suliman I's reforms. In 2000, a nationalization bill was signed. This bill gave Ottoman Turkish the status of sole administrative language. There were many complications, however. Ottoman Turkish had been dead for over fifty years. Due to the fact, language restrictions have been high, and anyone in possession of a document of another language was to be shot. Spoken language in the Ottoman Empire is not so monolingual. Here is a list in order by the number of speakers.

  1. Ottoman Turkish (30,000,000, 40%)
  2. Arabic (15,000,000 20%)
  3. Persian (7,500,000 10%)
  4. Bosnian (7,500,000 10%)
  5. Russian (7,500,00 10%)
  6. Italian (3,750,000 5%)
  7. Other languages 5%


The Government of the Ottoman Empire consist of four branches: Legislative, Judicial, Executive and Royal.

The legislative branch is divided into to two house: Upper & Lower. Upper house consist of 66 members, each state sending 3 Upper Housemen. The Lower House consist of a thousands of Imam's from around the country. The purpose of the lower house, is to both keep the country Islamic, and represent the people.

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