Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are a worldwide sports event. In the early 20th century, they vied with the World's Fair for splendor and grandeur, which was known as the Festival War.

The Olympic Games were founded in 1904 by what would become the Moscow Pact, and, later, the League of Nations. In 1942, the Winter Olympic Games were started. They alternate every four years, as do the summer games, so there is an Olympic games every two years.

The latest Olympic Games were the 2014 Winter games, held in Sochi, in the Russian Empire, in February of 2014.

Below is a list of all the Olympic games.

1904 Summer Athens Greece
1908 Summer Paris France
1912 Summer New Orleans, Azteque France
1916 Summer Scheduled to be Lyon, France, but called off because of the Great War
1920 Summer Miami Florida
1924 Summer Lyon France
1928 Summer Buffalo, Erie Union of America
1932 Summer Sevastopol, Crimea Russia
1936 Summer Toronto Union of America
1940 Summer Havana Cuba
1942 Winter Insbruccio (Innsbrück) Italy
1944 Summer London England
1946 Winter Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy
1948 Summer Barcelone France
1950 Winter St. Moritz Switzerland
1952 Summer Stockholm Sweden
1954 Winter Rome Italy
1956 Summer Melbourne Australia
1958 Winter Lillehammer Sweden
1960 Summer Vellingten, Ny Zeeland (Wellington, New Zealand) Denmark
1962 Winter Ville sur le Lac de Sel, Azteque France
1964 Summer New Orleans, Azteque France
1966 Winter Yellowknife, Northwest Territory Union of America
1968 Summer St. Augustine Florida
1970 Winter Moscow Russia
1972 Summer Milan Italy
1974 Winter Montreal Quebec
1976 Summer Cairo, Egypt France
1978 Winter Lake Placid, Champlain Union of America
1980 Summer Moscow Russia
1982 Winter Calgary Union of America
1984 Summer Les Anges, Azteque France
1986 Winter Lillehammer Sweden
1988 Summer Vellingten, Ny Zeeland Denmark
1990 Winter Ville sur le Lac de Sel, Azteque France
1992 Summer Barcelone France
1994 Winter Geneva Switzerland
1996 Summer Berlin Prussia
1998 Winter Göteborg Sweden
2000 Summer Sydney Australia
2002 Winter Ville sur le Lac de Sel, Azteque France
2004 Summer Athens Greece
2006 Winter Turin Italy
2008 Summer Vladivostok Russia
2010 Winter Vancouver Union of America
2012 Summer London England
2014 Winter Sochi Russia

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