If the Norway-Swedish union hadn't collapsed in 1905.

Post-world War 1

1918 After the fall of the Russian empire Finland broke free and desired to be independent. But the remnant of the empire and the Red Guardist, AKA the Soviets, both tried to occupy Finland. Finland was too weak to fight alone and contacted Sweden for assistance, but Sweden wanted something to gain in the war and made demands. The most basic of them was the unification under Swedish rule. Finland reluctantly agreed. (Finland did contact many countries nearby but were denied all outside support, which made Sweden the only solution)

Sweden had been neutral for a time but had desires beyond peace. The war was a clear victory with the 12,000 strong Swedish troopers.

Norway had been for a long time wanting independence from Sweden (originally 1905) but were under a great Swedish occupational army. Denmark had had a prosperous relation with Norway and Sweden and wanted things to be in everyone's favour and kept the union together for a couple of years.

Norway, Sweden and Norway was now a Nordic republic, but where mostly under a Swedish rule. Finland made a great army and Norway was very good with money. But it was the leadership that brought the prosperity to the nation. But the people weren't happy anyway and  in time forced the government of the union to adapt to a very right-wing regime. Which the current head of state, Carl Svensson, was. He unlike many people wasn't a jew hater nor was he an evil man but he was a true nationalist. and with the support of Germany and Italy created a new form of government. But the Norwegian part of the union did not adapt to such methods. They did embrace a state-controlled market but under Capitalist and Socialist rules. They could keep this kind of governing as long as the people didn't start antagonizing the official Swedish government.

When the Nazis rose to power in Germany, Jews, scientists and lots of kinds of people fled to Sweden, which the Swedish government liked very much and granted asylum to almost everyone, except if their record was bad. (Finland had let millions of Russian loyalist asylum after the fall of the Russian empire which Sweden prospered for) Germany and the Soviets test their new war machines in Scandinavia for a big amount of money.

World War 2

Soon WW-II started and the Germans attacked the USSR, Sweden sold to both sides of the war and early unified with Denmark because of the threat of a German occupation. When Japan joined the war and attacked, Sweden and Italy encouraged Germany to quit their alliance with Japan or face two fronts. Germany did so and left Japan to their destiny. Russia saw this as an act of war from the Swedes and attacked them. But to their surprise Sweden was very prepared and the Soviets lost Leningrad and the northwestern Russia within Months.

The nuclear project of Sweden and Germany made that Italy and Germany sent financial aid to Sweden for the upcoming years. Sweden was also always updated on information and new military gadgets who they later developed.

The Plot

Scandinavia flourished but witnessed a great blow. America joined the was 1946, after England's fall and Stalin's tactics becomes more brutal and effective. The Nazi forces were pushed back to Germany and suggested a peace treaty. The treaty went out on that West Germany should be left to the Nazis and east Germany should be given to the Russians. Stalin had suffered great casualties and couldn't handle a final attack any longer so he gave in to the treaty.
Min röa

Europa 1953

America have stopped their attack on Germany and Italy after another peace treaty and begin to recreate some destroyed European nations.

Now Stalin and the Americans aims their eyes on Scandinavia and a conspiracy begins.

Scandinavia and their taken lands surrenders to the USSR in 1953 on Scandinavian terms. They threaten that Scandinavia would continue their attacks on the Soviet Union if Stalin didn't give in to the terms. And if this would happened, Stalin would lose more resources than he had afford so he accepts. Eastern Scandinavia became a "socialist state" under independent rule. However, Norway, Denmark and their colonies joined a western Scandinavian front as planed to join the western allies.

(After the defeat, thousands of Nazis is forced to flee to the western Scandinavia as Germany reforms to the a more left-wing country as they abandon the Nazi idea. America, Great Britain and the European alliance stands on the western side while the east is supported by the Soviets, Chinese and Eastern European. The plan is to make the two sides spend in both their nations so the Scandinavian can grow unnoticed. Western/eastern Germany (Black and purple) and the northern/southern (Light blue and yellow) part of Italy is doing practically the same thing under Scandinavian leadership as the cold war expands)

Space race, Space war and the Computers

Scandinavia is now the best in technology and is supported on both sides. Stalin's and the Allies unlimited funds make the Scandinavians take out more money than needed as a part of the plot. in 1956 East Scandinavia sends up the first man up to space while west sends up the first man on the moon. satellites from both sides are sent up on order on their allied supporters, but in reality it is also a part of the plot to control all the worlds satellites on both sides of the cold war. the first nuclear bomb is activated near Island by West Scandinavia. But in truth both sides had nuclear weapons, and would wait five more years until they gave up their weapons to their allies (US and Soviet) would be some steps behind.

(So the cold war would escalate in their favour, and to get five years head start on their new found technology.)

Current status by 1959: West Scandinavia.

Population:110 million

Economy: 3.53 trillion dollars

Military: Five million soldiers, 536 ships and 15,000 aircraft

East Scandinavia:

Population: 123 million

Economy: 3.27 trillion dollars

Military: Seven million soldiers, 687 ships and 20,000 aircraft

All was controlled by the newly developed computer that the Scandians had made before the WW2 and was still a secret to the outside world. Both governments used them and released them in 1969. But only their old kind of computers that they had direct control of.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and small Asian regions was accepted into west Scandinavian colony when they had finally cut their relations with communist China or Soviet in 1959 after a successful coup. And both Scandinavias blackmailed the UN and socialist controlled Japan, Korea and south east Asia to impose a harder grip of control on the nations so they wouldn't advance in technology as the plot predicted 20 years before. Both Scandinavias granted Asylum first only to the best Asian refugees who was to serve their plot. But saw the ambition in the Asians and granted asylum to millions as labour.

In the same year (1959) the North Koreans attacked the South which started the Korean war. Soviet and China did not get much involved except for sending weapons there. while the UN launched an entire army of 50, 000 men into Korea. The northern leader Kim Il Sung and the eastern Scandinavia was not good friends but the Soviets ordered that Kim would send huge supplies to Scandinavia for almost nothing at all. South Korea and both the Scandinavian nations had very good relations, and the trade was very profitable for the nations. (but mostly for the Scandinavias)

Stalin sent no nuclear weapons to Korea but spent trillions for Sweden to have so he could aim on the entire European continent while the UN spent on building a few to target every major Soviet/East European cities.

The Want for Colonies: 1960

To expand the plot West Scandinavia was now renamed The Greater Scandinavian Empire (The Empire) and in response east scandi was now the People's Democratic Republic of Scandinavia (PDRS)

The Caribbean, Brazil, Chile and Argentina was on the Soviets side and declared independence from the now eliminated South American federation which was created by the US and Canada to keep check on the south Americans. the Caribbeans was now under PDRS supervision thanks to Stalin's orders and the request from the PDRS newly elected president and secret leader of the plot. the idea was to turn the Caribbean into a colony to serve PDRS's interest. the president also gave Stalin the idea to send thousands of secret agents to South America to control the politics there. Stalin had without knowing it given the control of the Agents to the PDRS and would never know about it like many other projects the plot had set into emotion. After an CIA controlled uprising in Cyprus, the US gave Cyprus to the Empire. In matter of fact it was the empire that had blackmailed the CIA to have influence in the middle east. The empire were friends with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey and Syria.

Since Germany and Italy partly followed the plot they became controlled puppet states of Scandinavia without knowing it. Both the nations government was now 100% under control which they profited from.

In 1962 Stalin died (9 years longer) and a puppet Soviet leader was set into power. The newly elected Democratic president JFK was the new puppet leader of the US. And the new UN presid

West (Blue) and East (Red) scandinavias colonies in 1960

ent was born in former southern Sweden (the empire) and was obviously a high ranking plot member.

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