Pact of Steel

Alliance Members

The Northern Alliance Pact, also referred to as the "Pact of Steel" is an active alliance pact between the nations of Albion, The Netherlands, Prussia, and Scandinavia. France has been requested to join but is not considered a member yet.


The beginnings of the Pact harken back to the North Sea Trade Alliance, a joint alliance originally founded by Albion and the Netherlands, over time the trade pact encompassed the entirety of the North Sea and the Baltic. In the late 1400's, The Netherlands expressed desires to turn the trade pact into an iron-clad alliance pact between the powerful northern nations, in part to protect economic interests but also to ensure no warring between members. Later that year, Albion and Scandinavia signed with Prussia following in the next year.

Baptism of Fire

The Pact got its baptism of fire when a coalition of German states led by Hamburg, bent on reclaiming lost land, attacked Scandinavia. Shortly thereafter Albion, the Netherlands and Prussia jumped to the aid of their ally. The war lasted three years and was a bitter power struggle. eventually the war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Berlin, a minor defeat for the alliance.

Still the alliance remains unperturbed and continues on. 


The United Kingdoms of Greater Albion

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Empire of Scandinavia

Empire of Prussia


War of German Aggression ended 1500-- victors, German city-states

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