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Previous: The Powers let the war continue 

Seeing the danger of a unified Germany- or even a unified North- the Powers agree to split the land of the Northerners in three- the Kingdom of Saxony, the Kingdom of Hanover, and the Kingdom of Prussia. All other states are annexed to those. Meanwhile, the Southerners are officially annexed to Bavaria.

And so peace appears to reign in Europe- but for how long?

Just a few decades, it would seem. 

By 1913, trouble is stirring in Europe once more. With the much mourned death of Edward VII in Britain, a decade and a half of diplomacy starts to evacuate as mediation in Germany begins to fail...

In Bavaria, once the most powerful state, is wracked by failure as King Maximillian III wastes giant amounts of money, underfunding the army. His son, the future Ludwig III, however, is far more intelligent and is prepared to launch a coup to get power...

The Prussians are widely blamed by both the Saxons and the Hanoverians for their humiliating defeat, but are not fully out. They still want to get back to their old power- though whether they still retain the ability to do so is another question...

The Saxons and the Hanoverians are closely allied, and want vengence on the Prussians and the Austrians, whom they blame for their humiliation. They will not stop at supporting Bavaria, too- but for that the current King must die.... The Austrians are bitter. After a Civil War, the Hungarians have split off- and all because of German influence- even that of their old allies, the Bavarians...

The French are worried. The Hanover-Saxony alliance is extremely powerful and may soon be able to unify Germany- the one thing which they fear the most...

The Russians are experiencing internal turmoil. The Czar wants to gain more land, and also wants to put and end to the German menace, once and for all- but the people don't want war...

The British are neutral, for the moment. But they'll side with the strongest side when the war comes- the question is, who is that?

The Italians are nervous. The last thing they want is also the likeliest thing to happen- a full blown World War, right on their Northern border...

The Americans are distant. They don't want war, but they won't care- unless something major happens...

And then, in December 14th, 1913, Prince Ludwig III of Bavaria orchestrates a coup, backed by the military and the Hanoverians/Saxons. It is extremely successful, and the King is killed by his generals after it becomes clear who's now in power. 

The whole of Europe tenses up for war- but who will start it?

        Centriflag   Flectere si nequeos superos- Acheronta Movebo!  00:31, January 23, 2014 (UTC)

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