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North American War
Date 1846-1847
Location Texas, California, Oregon
Result British and Mexican Partial Victory
  • US Seizes Texas and other Mexican territories north of the Rio Grande
  • US loses claim on the Oregon territory
  • UK crushes California separatist movement
    • California State remains under British authority
  • Free v. Slave Debate gains steam once more
  • Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) Mexico
  • Flag of the United Kingdom UK (Men and Supplies only, no declaration of war was officially declared.)


Flag of the United Kingdom UK (fighting Californian Separatists.

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Flag of the United Kingdom Queen Victoria

Flag of the US 30 stars James K. Polk

Flag of California William B. Ide

Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) 40,000

Flag of the United Kingdom 15,000 Co-Belligerents

Flag of the United Kingdom 25,000

Flag of the US 30 stars 45,000 Soldiers, 30,000 Militia

Flag of California 5,000

Casualties and losses
26,000 Dead, Wounded or Missing 30,000, Dead, Wounded, or Missing

Mexican-American War  was sparked by the US annexation of Texas in 1846. I was fought mainly between the British-Mexican alliance against the United States. The two main fronts where the South and North.

Build Up to the War

Since gaining her Independence from Spain, debt and political instability plagued Mexico. The Mexican government opened the borders of the Texas territory to hopefully entice American wealth and American People to come to the sparsely populated territory. While it did attract Americans, the Mexican Government had little control over the settlers, who violated several Mexican laws, such as owning slaves, which had been illegal in Mexico. Mexico also lacked control over the number of settlers in the territory and soon Americans outnumbered Mexicans. Eventually, in 1835, an American living within the borders of Texas staged a revolution. Texas and Mexico fought for six months before Texas won its independence. 

In 1844, the British Empire and Mexico entered negotiations over the province of California. Mexico owed a large sum of money to the UK, and in exchange for clearing those debts, Mexico offered the British the fertile territory of California. After negotiations, The UK and Mexico divided the territory, with the British getting Upper California.

In 1846, US congress began to debate annexing the Republic of Texas, which had existed since 1836. Despite creating issues regarding the free-state balance and possibly starting a war with Mexico, the US was fearing further British expansion on the continent, leading the US to approve annexation. Mexico, which refused to recognize Texas as independent, saw US annexation as a declaration of war, leading the Mexican army to attack.

Early Days of the War

With the Mexican attack on US forces in Texas, the war was underway. Quickly, Mexico was overran by American forces. The US army proved to be too much for the Mexican Army to handle, and within a short period of time, Texas was secured and Mexico had lost ground elsewhere.