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The Norse Crusade

The Crusade started for a collection of reasons, among those were to outpace the Papacy in title of "The Defender of Christendom".

The trigger however was a beaten Saxon Monk who claimed the Archbishop of Vestar St. Gunner had been tortured and killed by Turks while looking for the Holy Grail.

The Norse-Hellenic Agreement

On 1073, May 23th Vestar Lord Jamar comes to Norway and asks King Leif II for assistance in the War against the Infidels, King Leif leaves with Jamar with a total of 30,000 crusaders, Along the way to the East they raid and plunder Catholic France, Corsica and Sicily.

On August 12th, Jamar leaving the army outside the Bosphorous Channel, goes to Byzantium,

In the east things had not gone well for the Greeks, at Mainzikert Emperor Romulus and his army had been surrounded and destroyed by a people called the Seljuk Turks two years before. The situation in Asia Minor was deteriorating rapidly, with the Nomads at Byzantium's door.

" Greetings to you Michael Dogouls emperor of the True Romans the Norse and the Greeks had been friends for centuries, we have guarded your palaces been trusted with your treasures, we should not quarrel. Together we will bring down both the Latin Villains and the Eastern Bastards."

The Alliance was formally drawn in the Treaty of Adrianople

  • Any Conquests made by the Alliance that were not owned by the Byzantines in the past century will be given to the Norse, under their own church, with the exception of Jerusalem.
  • Jerusalem will be under sole leadership of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
  • The Norse Church and the Orthodox while not becoming formally one, recognize each other as brothers and equals as only second to God.
  • The Norse will give the Byzantines a gift of 10,000 talents.
  • Skivka, daughter of Leif, will marry Michael as a token of long lasting friendship.

The so called Battle between good and evil

A combined army of 45,000 retook many coastal cities in Anatolia, then marching West and Defeating the Turks at Ei Nabi, moving back towards the coast, the campaign continues to go well, the Norse Infantry marching along the coast and the Byzantine Cataphrats riding inland through Southern Asia Minor, sandwiching a Turkish Attack at the Battle of Derrinallum, killing Malik Shah Sultan of Rum, bringing nearly all of the lost Asian Minor Lands back to the Byzantine Emperor,

In July of 1074 the Christian alliance passed through Antioch, and down the coast of the Levant, in an easy campaign against the Turkish/Arab Coastal Cities, Meradocik who had come with the army, claimed to have found the Holy Grail hidden in Java, finding it buried in the local mosque,

"At Last unto to us we have been given the honor of renewing our father's glory"

Moving on to Jerusalem in October, the siege of the city went on through the year creating serious supply crises for the Crusaders, driving them to drink the blood of the horses, at last in a desperate attempt to take the city launching four siege towers against the city taking by storm on the night of Easter many men would murdered due to rage of the starving Crusaders, killing one third of the population.

The Egyptian Response

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