Nordic Kingdom of Scandinavia (or more commonly just ‘Scandinavia’) is not a natural creation, but the
The Nordic Kingdom of Scandinavia
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Förenade Enligt Nordic Cross (Swedish, Irish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish)

Anthem "Du gamla, Du fria"
Capital Stockholm
Largest city Oslo
Language Swedish, Irish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish
Legislature Consul
Daniel Keåting
  Royal house: Keåting
marriage of separate kingdoms and peoples. The new nation has been through a century of unparalleled turbulence: an unwelcome joining of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland and Iceland.

Scandinavia now dominates the Baltic and most of East and Nort Europe, a Northern European empire that is the legacy of the incomparable warrior-king, Gustavus II Adolphus. Even though he died in battle at Luetzen in 1632, the army that he created helped Scandinavia profit from the seemingly endless religious struggles of the Thirty Years War. The nation emerged from that conflict immeasurably stronger in military terms, and able to invade its Baltic neighbours at will. This military power did, however, cost money and Scandinavian lives. Neither of these commodities are available in abundance, and prudent stewardship has been necessary too. Charles XI, however, has left an impressive arsenal in place for his son, should he wish to take up the sword; and Charles XII has an obsessive interest in soldiering.

As the new century dawns, Sweden is a strong, aggressive state, surrounded by jealous rivals from whom she has taken territory in the last hundred years. To the east, the Russians would like unhindered access to the Baltic, and therefore Western Europe beyond. To the south, Poland-Lithuania wants its lost lands back..

In all these potential threats, however, lurk opportunities for those bold enough to seize the chance. Individually, Scandinavia’s rivals are not quite as threatening as they might appear: Russia is huge, that much is true, but incredibly backwards. There is no reason why the Baltic, as a Scandinavian “Mare Nostrum”, cannot become the basis of a new Northern, Nordic empire. Sweden’s armies are the equal of any in Europe, and her navy is not without resources and skill.

Time Line


  • Georgian Calendar adapted by Sweden
  • United Province declares war on Spain
  • Prussia declares war on Austria
  • Poland-Lithuania declare war on Austria
  • Russia adapts Julian Calendar


  • Smallpox Inoculation is developed
  • Prince Ankita Repnian of Russia is assassinated by Swedish military agents.


  • Sweden declares war on Denmark but does not request the assistance of their allies. Denmark requests help from their allies, Russia and Poland-Lithuania (PL). Russia declines their request.
  • A Danish army led by Evlad Aumendsun attack Swedish forces at the battle of Norway Fort but are defeated.
  • Danish Naval forces blockade Malmö port.


  • Carl Armfelt of Sweden besieges Christina, Norway. After demanding a surrender Danish forces flee the city leaving Norway to Swedish control.
  • Council of Sweden is reorganized
  • Sweden names the war 'Scandinavian War I' or 'SWI'
  • Swedish surround Poland-Lithuanian general Pawel Lempichi, and crush him at the 'Battle of the Lithuania Forest'
  • Swedish forces raid Danish trade routes
  • Russia declares war on Sweden who is joined by the 13 colonies and Louisiana
  • Trade agreement with Russia is canceled


  • Invasion force lands on Copenhagen Island
  • Battle for Denmark Begins
  • Battle for Denmark ends in Sweden's victory
  • Denmark and Sweden sign a treaty of the roses
Swedish Demands Danish Demands
Peace Treaty Peace Treaty
Sweden Keeps Copenhagen
Sweden Pays 4300 franks in War Reparations for war
  • Battle of Vilnius Begins
  • Russian Forces take St. Petersburg
  • Workers Strike in Denmark
  • Sweden declares war on Courtland
  • Sweden captures Lithuania from Polish Lithuanian forces
  • Trade Agreement signed with Ottoman Empire
  • Peace talks break down in Poland after no agreement can be met between PL and Sweden
  • Russian forces Swedish naval vessels out of Ingrian ports
  • Sweden signs trade agreement with Martha Confederacy


  • Swedish forces capture Courtland
  • Courtland is Destroyed
  • Sweden captures Minsk from Polish forces
  • Workers on Strike in Courtland
  • Sweden defeats Russia at 'The Battle of Vidzeeme'


  • Workers riot in Courtland
  • Worker Strike in Belarus
  • Carl Hasselquist dies
  • Austria declares war on France begging the Franco wars of succession as Essibeth i of France assumes the throne
  • Swedish forces capture the Ukraine from Russia
  • France signs alliance with Sweden
  • Lousiana's sovereignty is concluded by France
  • Russia loses St. Petersburg to rebels
  • Sweden captures St. Petersburg