Of the lesser powers and nations, only the Noord Europese Unie (the NEU) is a true representative democracy, with a largely powerless Royal Family, amalgamated from those of the nations which make up the NEU. Even the NEUs democracy has its problems, as the many industrial concerns in the NEU attempt to manipulate the people and thus the government to their own ends.

The states of the NEU are held together by strong mutual self-protection links - they have to compete or they will be swamped by the Great Powers. They excel at high technology and niche markets. They still have patronymic surnames (that is, the surname of a person is the first name of their father) [as this was something imposed by Napoleon (in Holland) and which were introduced in 1900 (in Sweden)].

The NEU operates a pseudo-socialistic governmental system known as 'poldermorality', which has also been adopted in some other nations around the world. This involves levelling society and job-sharing.

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