The New Union was a book published in 1936 by James Strong, leader of the fascist and Nazi American National Unionist Movement (ANUM). It declared the need for a revolution against the US government to establish a totalitarian state to unite America into a unitary nation state to end the rift between north and south by entrenching racial laws and encouraging blacks and Hispanics to leave the US for Africa and Mexico. Strong declared the need for a "new economic system" to unify America along corporatist lines, declaring the present laissez-faire capitalism to be the cause of "decadence, sleaze, and moral degradation". However Strong claimed that "private property is not the problem, nor is the legitimate acquisition of wealth from the fruits of one's labor and ingenuity" and acclaimed Henry Ford for his accommodation of workers via Fordism.

Strong declared that while Lincoln was right to defend the unity of America over state rights he was wrong to declare the Emancipation Proclamation, which Strong claimed was a "humiliation to the white race" and that allowed the development of communism to spread in America.

To publish the book widely across the United States, Strong and the ANUM cooperated with the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi party in Germany, and through Henry Ford.

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