• 502 BCE- The African Empire begins in what is modern day South Africa
  • 112 CE- The Roman Empire takes control of all of Algeria
  • 121 CE- The African Empire borders all of the southern Roman Empire.
  • 189 CE- The Kaweelsh Empire begins in modern day Ethiopia.
  • 223 CE- The Kaweelsh Empire and the African Empire go to war.
  • 228 CE- The Kaweelsh Empire wins the war.
  • 723 CE- The Kaweelsh Empire conquers all of the African Empire
  • 1999- Russia splits up into two countries, west Russia becomes New Russia, and east Russia becomes Sovia.
  • 2009- Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are united into the single country of Scandinavia.
  • 2017- South Korean forces capture North Korea and unite the countries into a single Korea once more.
  • 2020- Cole Wiseman is elected the 46th president if the United States.
  • 2021- The American War of Iraq begins
  • 2024- South Sudan splits in the two countries of New South Sudan and Sal
  • 2036- New South Sudan takes coontrol of Sudan is renamed New Sudan
  • 2038- Willgang the Great is born
  • 2041- The US wins the American War of Iraq
  • 2043- The US leaves NATO
  • 2049- A group speaking peace in northern Iraq breaks off and forms the country of Mesopotamia
  • 2051- Ethiopia and Somalia merge to form the Etmalian Empire
  • 2052- Djibouti is conquered by the Etmalian Empire
  • 2055- Cole is assassinated and Willgang becomes president of the US
  • 2056- Willgang turns America into an empire and conquers Cuba
  • 2057- Both the Bahamas and the Philippines are conquered by America
  • 2058- The First North American War begins
  • 2059- Eritera falls to the Etmalian Empire
  • 2062- Sal falls to the Etmalian Empire

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